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●标准工况:空气进气温度38℃,环境温度45℃,工作压力1.0Mpa,压力露点2~10℃,制冷剂R-22。 Standard conditions: Air inlet temperature38℃ , Ambient temperature45℃ , Working pssure 1.0Mpa, Pressure dew point 2~1038℃, Refrigerant R-22. ●工作运行范围:工作压力10Mpa,环境温度45℃,高进气温度<80℃。 Working conditions: Working pssure: 1.0Mpa, Ambient temperature:45℃, Max. Llet temperature:<80℃. 可靠主机、持久高效、使用寿命长、运行费用低、适用范围广、符合环保要求。 Reliable, durable and highly efficient motor, with long service life, low operating cost, wide application range and it is in compliance with requirements for environment protection. 高效率来自卓越的设计 The excellent design brings high efficiency ●特置后部冷却器和预冷器,可直接接驳80℃以下之高温压缩空气。 ●配备高性能、大马力冷媒压缩机,经充分预冷再制冷,比同类产品处理风量大30%,露点温度稳定。 ●超强设计离心式和集流式双重流水分离器分水,效率高。 ●使用方便,无消耗品,运转成本低,可靠连续运行。 ●Special rear cooler and p-cooler can directly receive high-temperature compssed air above 80℃. ●We have equipped high-performance, bing-power refrigerant compssor, adequate p-cooling before refrigeration, 30% higher air flow than similar products, steady dew point temperature. ●Ultra strong centrifugal and flow collecting double water separator provide high efficiency. It is made of world brand parts, featuring high quality and long life. ●Convenient to use, no expendable, low operation coxt, capable of continuous operation. 高品质的零部件 Good quality accessories 博采众长,我们一直关注着全球知名零部件生产厂家的产品更新,科学技术的进步,进而时进更新自己的产品功能结构,保持业界技术优势。并承诺机器所有零部件均为原厂生产的崭新产品。 We commit in improving ourselves by learning from others. We are always leaning about the updated product from the international famous parts manufacturers and the technology development to update te functions and structures of our produsts so as to keep our leadership in this industry. We promise to our clients that all the all the parts are the new products from the original manufacturer. 二合为一气液分离器 高效两级旋风式、离心式气液分水器配置自动排水器使压缩空气的大含水量分离。 Two sut to an a fit fluid burster Two steps of high efficiency whirlwind style and being at odds with the community style gas fluid is divided, and the utensil is deployd and is drained away water that the utensil causes the largesttest water content of compssed depart voluntarily. 品质越卓的零部件 采用世界名优零部件,特别适合长期24小时不停车动作。 Super outstanding components of quality Adopt world famous-brand components, and particularly is fit for over along period of time 24 hours not to pull up to transport to act as. 经久耐磨压缩机 澎湃动力,威力无比,世界名牌全封闭活塞式、旋转式压缩机。 Prolonged wearproof compssor Might is unparalleled to surge driving force, and the world famous piston style the revolving style compssor.

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