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XUV光谱仪是新型的像差校正平场入射X射线光谱仪,光谱范围可涵盖1-80nm.模块化设计,可以满足不同的实验条件和环境。 单光栅(标准配置)可覆盖5-80nm测量范围 技术参数 波长范围 5-20 10-60 25-80 光源距离(m) 0.4-0.6 0.5-1.5 平场尺寸(mm) 25.4 50 50 色散(nm/mm) 0.5-0.7 0.7-1.1 0.9-1.3 光谱分辨率(nm) 0.06 0.09 0.11 0.02(CCD探测器) 升级波长范围 可拓展至1-5nm(搭配该范围光栅) 探测器选择 X-Ray 相机,MCP探测器,fiber taper系统 光栅台 电控 工作环境 <10-6mbar 操作性 极易安装使用,用户自己即可安装使用 ? 技术优势介绍: - Direct imaging of the source / Superior signal strength In contrast to conventional devices our XUV spectrometer does not require a narrow entrance aperture but rather images the harmonic source directly onto the detector. Thus 80% or more of the incoming beam can be used for measurement. Please se/#!services/cihc for a sketch drawing. This configuration typically collects 15 to 25 times more light than standard versions, resulting in a signal-to-noise figure improved by the same ratio. In some experiments, this improved signal strength is the crucial step for realizing a measurement at all. - Flat-field imaging technology Our instruments are based on high quality aberration-corrected flat-field gratings. In contrast to conventional gratings these focus all wavelengths onto a plane rather than a circle. This allows for positioning the entire detector in the focal plane of the grating for superior spectral resolution. - Compactness / Modularity The spectrometer is very compact and can be bolted directly to a vacuum chamber. It is capable of carrying its own weight, no table required. There are no externally moving parts. Through its modular design, our spectrometer can be adapted to a number of configurations (source distance, spectral range, detectors, vacuum pumping, etc). This makes it highly flexible for varying requirements and experiments. - Robust against misalignment The compact design of the spectrometer makes it inherently insensitive against mechanical and environmental disturbances (vibrations, acoustics, etc). No externally moving parts and closed-loop grating actuators with absolute position monitoring add to the robustness and allow for monitoring of the grating alignment at all times. In addition, the concept of a spectrometer without entrance slit also makes the instrument less sensitive to misalignment. Under typical operating conditions a misalignment of the beam in the dispersion direction on the entrance of the spectrometer by 500um would lead to a signal reduction by more than 20% in an instrument with entrance slit while it is less than 10% for our design. - Customization The adaptability of our XUV spectrometer makes it possible to highly custom-fit the device to requirements. Thus we offer to customize every spectrometer to exactly match the desired research application. This includes e.g. interfacing to experimental chambers, adaption of the source distance, integration of customer-supplied detectors, user-defined filter mounts, non-magnetic instruments, special mounting situations, etc. 典型客户: 1)苏黎世联邦理工学院 2)The Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser of the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (IESL-FORTH) 3)MPQ 4)Los Alamos 5)Max Planck Institute

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